1961 Maestro GA-45


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1961 Maestro GA-45 in superb condition and in perfect working order following full service from analogue electronics guru Neil Perry of Raw State. Made by Gibson these amps are the holy grail for harp players. Overdriven and with electric guitar they give an incredibly tight yet rich, sparkling harmonic distortion. The tremolo is naturally smooth and very musical with plenty of dimension. It’s a very special and unique amp, kind of like a mini Fender Bassman, albeit with 4×8″ speakers.

14-16W 4×8″ Guitar Combo with Tremolo (essentially a GA-40 with bass and treble tone controls and a different speaker configuration)
Speakers: 4×8″ (Jensen)
Inputs (instr. + mic.): 2+2
Channels: 2
Volume Controls: 2
Tone Controls: Bass, treble
Tremolo: Depth, frequency
Tubes: 7 (2×5879, 6SQ7, 12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3)
Extension Seaker Jack: No
Monitor Jack: No
Watts Output: 14-16
Shipping Totals: 1955: 281, 1956: 606, 1957: 372, 1958: 296, 1959: 270, 1960: 266, 1961: 70